Why Choose DriveDirectCabs Airport Transportation Over Others

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you need a reliable ride to and from the airport. While you can take your own car, it’s always a hassle. You have to park, lug your bags to and from, and you have to pay the steep daily parking rates.

Here is why drivedirectcabs.com – Airport Transportation Services beats rideshare and other expensive companies.


Reliable Transportation

Dropping off and picking up at Malta airport is what we do. With growing lines at the ticket counter and security, you must arrive on time and at the right entrance. We know precisely where to go for drop off, and will be there waiting for you at the most convenient location when you arrive. Your driver will keep tabs on your flight times, and will be waiting if you are delayed. No need to worry that your rideshare driver will get lost on the way, not know where to find you, or won’t understand where to drop you off.


Fair Flat Rate Fairs

A  ride-hailing app service may be a bit more than you want to pay, which is why we offer you a fair flat rate. Our clean and comfortable vehicles are worth paying the tiny bit more than a ride-hailing app , and no need to worry that you will be charged more if you have a traffic delay or a longer route.


Professionally Trained Drivers

Our drivers are background checked, trained and tested on current roadway laws and safe driving practices. Not only that, you don’t have to feel obligated to socialize with your driver. By all means, chat away and inquire about the Malta—but feel free to kick back and relax, make a phone call or get some work done. The choice is yours.


You Can Hire Us For Your Entire Trip

The challenge with renting a car while you are in town for a few days is that you have to learn your way around, and find convenient parking once you get there. If it is easier, you can hire us for your entire trip. With our hourly services, we can take you anywhere you need to go. We will do our best to schedule the same driver if you will be in town for multiple days, but at the very least you will know that you always have a timely ride to and from everywhere you need to be.

Aside from our airport transportation, we also provided day trips  and driving services for locals or anyone who requires as-needed transportation. Book you ride today by visiting here and enjoy and the greatest and most affordable transportation service in the Malta. Have specific requests? Call us at+356 79239536 We are ready to help!





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